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Analyzer Package System

Analyzer Package System provides solutions for gas or liquid measurement for chemical composition, physical of chemical properties at the production site as well as it can also provide significant economic return when incorporated into process optimization and advanced control loops or when using for product quality control.

Analyzer Package System can be supplied complete with sample take-off and conditioning, fully assembled in pre-fabricated analyzer shelters with explosion-proof HVAC, fire and gas detection system. Ready for installation on site with only minimum of field connection to be made.

Process Analyzer System


Gas Chromatograph


Odorant Analyzer

Oxygen Analyzer

Dew Point&Moisture Analyzer

H2S Analyzer

Process Analyzer System

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Process Analyzer System

Special Features

Integrated System

*Supplies auxiliary facilities such as analyzer houses, GC analyzer, pretreatment device, gas detector, etc.

*Provides an online continuous measurement system for measuring the chemical and physical properties of gas and liquid geometry.

Reliability and flexibility

*Provide products with reliable, world-class quality based on customer requirements.

User-friendly control system

*Customized system it makes easier for customers to control the system.


*Provide the best system certified for using in hazardous areas