Who we are ?

Since its foundation in 2002, Valmax Technology Corperation (hereafter ‘VALMAX) has been specializing in manufacturing a wide range of Metering and Analyzer package, from repairing service to Metering and Analyzer package for power-generation and Onshore & Offshore plant. Currently, we are heading into new area of special Metering and Analyzer package  as well as LNG liquefaction & regasification plant.


Valmax Technology Corporation also successfully diversified overseas business in Southeast Asia, Middle-East and Europe. the global market competitiveness was achieved, and we supply our products to the shipbuilders and engine manufacturers, small-and-medium ship-yards and power plant in Korean market.


The ‘Energy’ is an indispensible part of human-being and every people look for life in clean and pleasant environment, but currently we are facing various obstacles.

Valmax Oil_Gas Process Plant and Recondenser System Program

Valmax Technology Corporation will be a solution provider against these problems. Also, while keeping customer’s satisfaction as our top priority, we will continue our utmost efforts to conduct researches. The imported products will be replaced by our products, and we will continuously to contribute growth of local economy and technology development in related industries.



Our vision is to become a “Global Leader” in the System Integration sector. Our vision is a vast bridge connecting “reality” and “future” and are going to ultimately allowed us to lead in our field.

This vision is a part of the “Our Spirit” such as Passion, Communication and Creation.


In this connection, Valmax Technology Corporation is seeking total management that considers not only corporate profits but also value creation for our key stakeholders as well as benefits for employees, communities and our country based on our independent technologies and corporate philosophy.


We are in pursuit of being a Global Leader in market by adapting to changes, developing technologies ahead of others and ensuring quality control for customer satisfaction and expansion of market presence.


Valmax Technology Corperation

Valmax Technology Corporation philosophy is passion, communication and creation, and we will continue to grow as a company that develops on this basis.


Our passion is driven by our enthusiasm. The quality of our products and services is a direct reflection of our unceasing determination and hard work.
We will continue to take on new challenges and find new ways to improve our products and services.


The remarkable growth and prosperity of our company is due to the communication of Valmax’s employees.
Once connected to an communication channel, we have the ability to make that idea into reality. In this ever more competitive world, our commitment to providing quality products to our customers will give us an edge over our competitors.


With a future-oriented perspective, we have met the changing needs of our customers, and will continue to do so by applying our experience, intelligence, and creativity.
We are dedicated to developing new technologies to improve the quality of life throughout the global community and into the future.

Human Resource Development

Valmax strives to increase its creative capacity through internal self-education programs and external professional education to increase the value of the organization continuously and to grow and develop its members based on its unique technology and corporate values.

Technology Innovation

We will strive to develop new technologies and to pioneer new markets for the future in order to respond to the rapidly changing economic environment and market conditions and also we will provide the best products through our top quality management together with continuous technological innovation.

Future Creation

The most important way to think about the future is to create the future.
Therefore, we will concentrate our sustainable capabilities as much as possible in order to advance in various forms of future markets in accordance with the fourth industrial revolution.
Future prediction is thought, future creation is action !


Valmax Technology Corporation was founded in 2002 by CEO / President Il-hwan, Kim

Valmax Technology Corporation was founded in 2002 by CEO / President Il-hwan, Kim with a group of engineers with extensive experience in the development of custody transfer metering and process online control system for natural gas, industrial gases and oil products.

With this experience, VALMAX offers a wide range of products from individual plant components and equipment to supply turnkey systems. For example, It is including from relatively simple gas chromatography units to custody metering station and online analyzer system.

In addition to above mentioned, VALMAX have a lot of technology and experience to provide with the integrated fuel gas supply systems, BOG handling systems and LNG Liquefaction and Re-gasification systems base on customer’s requirements and we can guarantee your full satisfaction.


2014.04.11   Established Industrial Research Center

2002.12.06   Founded Valmax Technology Corporation