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Custody Metering System

Custody Metering System at the delivery point where oil or gas is changing hands forms the basis for invoicing. Every cubic meter of product has to be accurately accounted for its delivery conditions, such as pressure, temperature, contaminants and energy value, closely monitored and recorded.


Custody Metering System in oil & gas industry have rapidly evolved in terms of sophistication, accuracy and reliability : countless factors have to be taken into account in the design of the metering system, requiring multi-disciplinary specialists with very specific experience and knowledge

Configuration of the metering system

Configuration of Custody Metering System

Valmax’s process analyzer system consists of the following equipment:

Flow Meter

Depending on the type of fluid you want to measure, it can consist of flow meters in various ways, such as Ultrasonic, Turbine, Coriolis, orifice, and the measured flow rate is sent to the Flow Computer.


Send measured data to Flow Computer via Temperature & Pressure Transmitter in Measurement Fluid

Gas Chromatograph

The energy value of the flow rate is derived by measuring the calorific value of the reference volume of the fluid, such as natural gas.

Flow Computer

Receive data from Flow Meter / Transmitter / Gas Chromatograph, calculate mass, volume, and calories, store/process/implement/transmit data in real time, and transmit data by communication at the same time.

Custody Metering System

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Custody Metering System

Special Features

Compliance with International Standard Codes

The results are officially provided to the customer based on the international standard code (API, API MPMS, ISO, AGA, etc.).

Real-time control monitoring

High Accuracy and Real time monitoring with Flow meter, Flow computer, Gas chromatograph, Transmitter, MOV, prover and HMI

Skid Base Modulization

Manufactured with SKID and modularized to minimize on-site interference and greatly shorten the construction period. The on-site inspection and commissioning work can be carried out in a short period of time according to the customer’s request before arrival at the site

Expert Class – Supervisor Team

Experts with diverse experience and advanced knowledge enables continuous and professional inspection after delivery and quick and accurate response to problems according to the Site Backup Plan.