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Vessel Fuel Supply System

Ship FGSS (LNG Fuel Supply System) refers to the use of LNG as the ship’s propulsion fuel.

As of January 1, 2020, due to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) environmental regulations, the sulfur content of ship fuel oil has been strengthened from 3.5% to 0.5%, and interest in ships using LNG as fuel is increasing. In line with this trend, the demand for systems that fuel LNG to ships is also increasing.

The main equipment of the LNG fuel delivery system consists of LNG fuel tanks storing LNG, vaporizers that raise the temperature of the cryogenic LNG to about 25 to 40 degrees Celsius, and LNG bunkering stations, connecting equipment that charges LNG.

In addition to the main equipment, additional equipment for up-pressure, such as pumps and compressors, may be installed before the vaporizer to meet the gas pressure required by the engine.

A control system (FGSS Control System) is applied to integrate these key equipment, which operates the entire FGSS equipment.

Valmax Technology specializes in providing energy solutions and provides total solutions from design to manufacture and commissioning of FGSS for ships.

FGSS for LNG Fueled Ship

Composition of Fuel Supply System for Ships

LNG Fuel Tank

Various types of storage tanks are used to store LNG fuel. Type C tanks are often applied to small and medium-sized vessels, and type B and membrane-type LNG fuel tanks are also designed for large LNG fuel vessels in recent years.

Gas lift equipment

A high pressure pump or compressor is used to raise LNG to the pressure required by the engine. The high pressure equipment consists of SKID, which is applied up to approximately 300barg and for low pressure up to 16barg.

LNG Vaporization Equipment

LNG vaporization equipment is a device that vaporizes low-temperature LNG and raises it to the temperature demanded by the gas engine, and the GW system, which supplies heat sources to the vaporizer, consists of SKID.

LNG Bunkering Station

As a connecting equipment for charging LNG to LNG tanks, it consists of pipe connections, valves, and safety equipment to receive LNG from LNG tank lorries or LNG bunkering vessels.

FGSS for LNG Fueled Ship

Product Features

Product Optimization

Provides an optimization solution for the fuel supply system sector for ships in accordance with IGF Code and advanced rules.

Ease of Use

Increase user convenience by providing an operator-centered intuitive user interface.

One-Stop Total Solution

We provide a one-stop total solution from design to commissioning and conduct training for the crew.