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Fuel Gas Supply System for Plant

Fuel gas supply system for Plant is designed to purify natural gas and it can be more efficiently utilized by the gas turbine of power plants. This effective system is important because it prevents damage to the gas turbine and increases the overall efficiency of the system. VALMAX is only one company which has many references for EPC Turnkey project in Korea.

According to complicate local regulation, in own personnel current performs that integrated environment permitting system (license), other permission, basic design, detailed design (process, piping, equipment, electric, instrumentation & control, civil, architecture, fire fighting, HVAC, electric corrosion), fabrication design, equipment production, commissioning & comprehensive start-up, erection and site service (Site Maintenance & Supervision).

FGSS for Onshore

Fuel supply system for
natural gas supply and demand


Natural gas suppliers supply natural gas through pipes to demand sources, and natural gas is supplied under high pressure, so it should be reduced to the pressure desired by the user and delivered to demand sources. To this end, a land fuel supply system for Natural exists at each natural gas supply point to decompress and supply natural gas under the conditions required by the user.

The land fuel supply system for natural gas supplies provides the pressure demanded by the user (power plant, city gas company), measures the flow rate to settle the charges of the natural gas supplied, and cuts off and dissipates the natural gas supply in case of emergency.
Valmax has been working with leading domestic and international EPCs and energy-related public institutions regarding the land fuel supply system for natural gas supply and demand, and provides total solutions from design to commissioning.

FGSS for Onshore

Gas Turbine Fuel Supply System for Plant

To maximize the thermal efficiency of the gas turbine, fuel must be supplied at a specific pressure and temperature. Cogeneration plants and combined thermal power plants, which use natural gas as fuel, have fuel supply systems for gas turbines inside. The purpose of these gas supply systems is to remove impurities from natural gas and supply natural gas at a pressure and temperature (more than 250 degrees) condition where gas turbine can produce high thermal efficiency.

FGSS for Onshore

Configuration of Fuel Gas Supply System for Plant

1. ESDV Station

2. FILTER Station

3. HEATER Station

4. PRV Station

5. Metering Station (Flow Measurement)

FGSS for Onshore

Special Features

Specialized Know-how

  • Many reference for EPC Turnkey project
  • Responds swiftly to dispatch engineers to site including overseas
  • Saving opportunity cost
  • Long term commitment by maintaining the contract without claim
  • Over 90% market share in Korea for high pressure field

System Integration with

  • ESDV / Filter Separator Station
  • Suction Scrubber
  • Electric / Water Bath Heater
  • Pressure regulator
  • Metering Station
  • HMI Control

FGSS for Onshore

Product Gallery

FGSS for Onshore


Valmax’s maintenance team provides a total solution for stable operation of all facilities through periodic inspection and TROUBLE SHOOTING of all facilities installed in the static pressure management center. The problem is that many of the static pressure systems in the static pressure management center are installed as overseas products and cannot respond quickly in case of problems are the problems of privately owned static pressure management center.
We have experienced engineers, so we can respond to possible problems in the field.

Total Solution »

The total solution of FGSS is provided until design, production, construction, and start-up.

Flexible Design

Various types and specifications can be applied.

Space-saving design

The total solution of FGSS is provided until design, production, construction, and start-up.


Maintenance is provided to enable reliable operation of facilities installed on FGSS.