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Hydrogen Dispenser

Valmax Technology Corporation and TOKICO (a Japanese hydrogen company) produce and supply hydrogen dispensers through technical corporation. The advantage is compact with a microchannel small heat exchanger, especially for superior performance and safety.

Valmax Technology Corporation operates maintenance centers with professional engineers in five major cities (Anyang, Asan, Jeonju, Ulsan, Busan) nationwide to provide One Call Quick Service.

Sortation Item Specification
Type Single Nozzle Type / Dual Nozzle Type
Max. Charge Pressure 87.5MPa(1Nozzle)
Measurement Range 0.1 ~ 3.6 kg/min
Measurement Error ±1.5%(8g/time)
Main Equipment Display POS interlocking
Fuel Quantity : Six (6) digits, Minimum 0.01kg
Gas Temperature : Four (4) digits, Minimum 0.1℃
Fuel Pressure : Three (3) digits, Minimum 0.1℃
Coriolis Mass Flowmeter Max.flow Rate : 5kg/min
Max.Pressure : 50.0MPa / Temperature Range : -30~50℃
Heat Exchanger Design Pressure : 0.99MPa
Design Temperature : -45 ~ 50℃
Safety Coupler Design Pressure : 90.2MPa
Breakaway Load : 400~800N
Filling Nozzle Design Pressure : 87.5MPa
Allowable Temperature Range : -40 ~ 85℃
Filling Hose Design Pressure : 87.5MPa
Allowable Temperature Range : -40 ~ 50℃
Utility Rated Voltage AC220V 50 / 60Hz
IR Communication RS 485
Protocol SAE J2601, JPEC-S 0003
Size 1450/1600(Single/Dual) X 550 X 2100(W X D X H mm)

Product Feature

Special Features of Hydrogen Dispenser

Maximize measurement flow with Coriolis Flowmeter

Measurement Range : 0.05kg~5.0kg/min

Control Switches

Improvement convenience & Safety with Control Switches

Em’cy Breakaway Coupling

Prevention of hose damage & dispenser falling through disconnect coupling in case that Hose is applied with force

Self Arm

Prevention breakage and reducing the risk of shutdown due to falling when falling nozzle