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LNG Fueling Station

LNG Fueling Station is the system that charges LNG directly into the fuel container of the vehicle using LNG as fuel. The modular LNG pumps and dispensers can simplify and reduce installation time and cost compared to conventional installation methods. And the vacuum insulation used in the LNG Fueling Station prevents the boil-off gas and provides environmentally safety to the customer.


Special Features

Korea's first modular LNG charging facility & BOG re-liquefaction solution

  • LN2 Storage Tank and BOG Re-liquefaction System are integrated
  • Application of LNG storage tank/Re-liquefaction system replacement method without LN2  charging procedure
  • Application of BOG re-liquefaction solution reducing methane gas thrown away due to increased    LNG tank pressure

LNG Charging Speed

  • Minimize pressure resistance by reducing the BOG by minimizing the length of piping from the filling pump to the vehicle by reducing the cooling down time. (Previously about 5 minutes, 3 minutes and 30 seconds → 30% faster)
  • Customize Service

    • LNG can be charged in a fixed amount for the first time in Korea

    운전자 제어 판넬

    LNG 충전 커플러

    LNG 유량계

    LN2탱크, BOG재액화 시스템

    LNG충전 펌프

    LN2 저장탱크(LNG탱크)