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BOG Reliquefaction System

Since LNG is a cryogenic substance, heat inflow from the outside causes evaporation gases to continue to occur. To re-liquidize these evaporative gases, we have developed a system (Recondenser method) that directly changes evaporative emissions and LNG into LNG, and installed the system at the Korea Maritime Institute to successfully complete the performance test.

Valmax is working with large shipyards with FSRU’s recondenser development technology to create competitive products with LNG-related experience and knowledge on land and sea.


Configuration of the BOG Reliquefaction System

Re-condenser Cylinder Body

Re-condenser Internal Parts

Pressure Control Valve SKID

Flow Control Valve SKID

Shut Down Valve SKID

Manual Valve SKID

Pipe Spools

Instruments (Mass, Flow Meter, TIT, PIT etc.)

Local Control Panel

HMI with programming