Fuel Gas Conditioning System

Highest efficiency and compact design

Fuel Gas Conditioning System is designed to provide fuel gas to gas turbines with proper pressure and temperature.

Many fuel gases are composed of hydrogen (such as methane or propane), hydrogen, carbon monoxide, or mixtures thereof, Such gases are sources of potential heat energy of light energy that can be readily transmitted and distributed through pipes from the points of origin directly to the place of consumption.
Fuel Gas Conditioning System is one of major system for fuel gas supply to the Gas Turbine.


We, VALMAX is specialized for engineering, design, manufacturing and commissioning of Fuel Gas Conditioning System.
We design Fuel Gas Conditioning System with strict compliance to project specification and applicable international codes, standards and regulations e.g. ASME, API, ISO, ANSI, IEC, ASTM, ASNT, AWS, SSPC, UBC, OSHAS.

Fuel Gas Conditioning System is commonly composed to ESDV Station, Filter Station, Heat Exchanger Station, Pressure Regulation Valve Station and Metering Station

Emergency Shutdown Valve(ESDV) Station

The purpose of ESDV Station is used to rapidly and automatically shut down the gas supply to the system  in case of hazardous event and/or if fuel gas pressure is high(high) at the downstream of ESDV

  • Emergency Shut-Down Valve
  • Received fail signal by DCS
  • Line Pressure is very high
  • Pneumatic supply fail at that time ESDV closed. (FTC)

Safety Operation and Malfunction prevention

  • SIL(Safety Integrity Level) requirement which is the most importance requirement to secure plant safety in case of hazardous event.
  • PSD(Partial Stroke Test) function which can confirm ESDV status periodically under fuel gas supply.
  • 2 out 3 logic which have three pressure transmitters in downstream of ESDV, it is preventative logic to prevent ESDV shut down by Pressure Transmitter malfunction.

Filter Station

Filter Station is used to remove solid particle and liquid contaminants such as dirt, rust, pipeline scale, condensate and mist from fuel gas. It is required for protecting Pressure Regulation Valve and Flow Meter in downstream.

The larger and heavier particles settle to the bottom of the inlet chamber of filter and the gas after passing through the filter elements which trap and retain the finer particles, exits to outlet chamber of the filter. Accumulated condensate inside filter is drained to the condensate tank manually or automatically.

Filter type should be decided in compliance with gas purity and removal efficiency requiring downstream facility.

  • Sludge , Particle , and etc…
  • Over than 0.5 um material 100% filtration
  • Easy Open & Change Filter Elements
  • Oil Mist & Vapor & Condensate water remove

Easy maintenance and Wide range Filters

  • QOC(Quick open closure) which allow very easy and quick opening of cover for internal assessment on periodical maintenance or internal replacement.
  • Wide range of filters which have variety internal baffle, mono/multi cyclone, filter cartridge, demister, vane in accordance with  gas contaminant status and specific requirement.

Heat Exchanger Station

Heat Exchanger Station is used to compensate the fuel gas temperature for temperature drop by Pressure Regulation Valve in downstream and is used to protect Pressure Regulation Valve which have disadvantage in low temperature

Shell and tube type or electric type heater is applicable in accordance with heating source.

  • Sludge , Particle , and etc…
  • Over than 0.5 um material 100% filtration
  • Easy Open & Change Filter Elements
  • Oil Mist & Vapor & Condensate water remove

Compact and Environmental Design

  • Compact design that Shell and tube type have the forced draft burner and small fire tubes.
  • Low NOx emission that Shell and tube type can meet low NOx emission with 28PPM(O2 4%)
  • Low power consumption that optimized electric heater design can offer low power consumption.

Pressure Regulation Valve Station

Pressure regulation station is used to reduce and regulate the fuel gas pressure in case that fuel gas pressure is higher than pressure requiring turbine. Pressure Regulation Valve controls to maintain automatically the gas pressure within the required set pressure during the normal operation. Pressure Regulation Valve Station has pressure relief valve and slam shutoff valve to protect the downstream system in case of hazardous event.

  • Pressure Regulating Valve.
  • Stable Pressure supply.
  • Joule-Thomson effect (1bar : 0.56C).
  • PRV sensitive to Temperature & particle.
  • Gas Compressor Package.
  • Joule-Thomson effect (1bar : 0.56C).

Plenty experience and Stable performance

  • Plenty experience that We, Valmax have been long experience in trouble shooting in site.
  • Stable performance accumulated experience and knowledge.

Flow Metering Station

Flow Metering Station is used to measure the flow rate of fuel gas in real time and it composes to flow meter, Gas chromatograph and flow computer. The flow computer continuously calculates the flow rate with pressure, temperature, flowrate and gas composition collected in system.

Valmax Flow Metering Station
Valmax STRENGTH-Custody-Metering-System

We, VALMAX can integrate the stations with

  • KO Drum, Scrubber, Filter Separator
  • Pressure Regulation Valve (1” ~ 12”)
  • Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, Water Bath Heater
  • Electric Heater in case of no heating source
  • Emergency Shutdown Valve with Pneumatic or Electric actuator, Manual valve
  • Ultrasonic Flow Meter (3” ~ 56”)
  • Gas Chromatograph (Option : H2S, C9+, Sulfur ,Hydrocarbon dew point)
  • Flow Computer
  • HMI Intelligent Communication System