Fuel Gas Supply System

Valmax LNG Powered Tug Boat

Valmax supplies FGSS(Fuel Gas Supply System) package for the ship. FGSS consists of LNG fuel tank, LNG bunkering station, LNG fuel pump(or PUB), LNG vaporizer, glycol water heating unit and FGSS control system.

Valmax Eco Friendly Hydrogen Energy

LNG Fuel Tank

The purpose of LNG fuel tank is storing LNG to use ship’s fuel. To keep cryogenic temperature inside LNG fuel tank, perlite with vacuum or polyurethane insulation shall be applied.

Valmax LNG tank

< IMO Type-C cylindrical LNG fuel tank >

Item Specification
Type IMO Type-C
Material Stainless steel (SUS-304, 304L), 9% Ni-steel or equivalent
Design Pressure MARVS 4~9barg
Capacity TBD
Insulation Perlite with vacuum or PU(Polyurethane)

LNG Bunkering Station

LNG can be charged though LNG bunkering station. The design base of LNG bunkering station is IGF(International Gas fulled ship Code).
SGMF(Society of Gas as Marine Fuel) can be considered over 500 TON ship.

LNG Bunkering Station SKID
Bunkering Station

< LNG bunkering station >

Item Specification
Design base IGF, SGMF(over 500 TON ship)
Material Structure: Stainless steel (SUS-304, 304L), Pipe: Stainless steel (SUS-316L)
Insulation Only LNG line: PU(Polyurethane)

LNG Vaporizer

LNG vaporizer raises up LNG temperature to meet gas consumer’s requirement.
PSHE(Plate & Shell type Heat exchanger) or Shell & tube type vaporizer can be considered.

Valmax PSHE type LNG vaporizer

< PSHE type LNG vaporizer >

Valmax Shell tube type LNG vaporizer

< Shell & tube type LNG vaporizer >

Item Specification
Type PSHE(Plate & shell) type, Shell & tube type
Material Stainless steel (SUS-304L, 316L) or equivalent
Capacity TBD
In/Out Temp. (LNG) In: -160℃, Out: 5~50℃

LNG Fuel Pump (or PBU)

LNG fuel pump or PBU(Pressure Buildup Unit) raises up LNG pressure to meet gas consumer’s requirement.

Valmax Submerged-type-LNG-fuel-pump

< Submerged type LNG fuel pump >

Valmax Ambient type or PSHE type PBU

< Ambient type or PSHE type PBU >

Item Specification of LNG fuel pump
Type Submerged centrifugal
Material Shaft: Stainless steel (SUS-304), Casing: Aluminum alloy
Capacity TBD
Discharge Pressure 0~20barg
Item Specification of PBU(Pressure Buildup Unit)
Type Ambient type, PSHE(Plate & shell) type
Material Stainless steel (SUS-304L, 316L) or equivalent
Capacity TBD

Glycol Water Heating Unit

Heating source for FGSS can be chosen as jacket cooling water or steam.
Heating medium between heating source to LNG vaporizer is glycol water.

Item Specification
G/W pump 2Sets (one is duty, the other is standby) with starter panel
G/W expansion tank 1Set with gas detector
G/W heat exchanger 1Set of plate type heat exchanger

FGSS Control System

FGSS control system is independent of ship automation system.
All of FGSS control and monitoring are carried out though this system.

Valmax Control System
Valmax FGSS Configuration
Item Specification
Operator workstation 2Sets with LED monitor with keyboard (one for W/H, the other for ECR)
Alarm printer 1Set at W/H
Control panel 1Set at ECR (Intendent ESD included)
ESD push button TBD (design base on IGF)


No. Year Owner Item Remark
1 2020 KRE - FGSS design for 5000HP LNG powered Tugboat Location: Korea
2 2018 KOMERI - High pressure pump SKID
- LN2 tank, LNG tank
- LNG vaporizer
Location: Korea
3 2018 PSI - LNG bunkering system Location: USA
4 2016 HHI - LNG bunkering station Location: Korea