LNG Re-gasification Systems

Reliable Performance and Efficiency

The LNG Re-gasification System is a cryogenic and high pressure process package which is provided for the Onshore LNG(Liquefied Natural Gas) Terminal and LNG FSRU (Floating Storage Re-gasification Unit).

The total solution system package of process equipment and control system will be a most effective and safety solution for LNG processing and handling unit.

The LNG Re-gasification System Package is composed to be easier to maintain with high reliability.

Valmax LNG-Re-Gasification

< Process system for LNG Re-gasification system >


  • Re-Condenser trim parts
  • Pressure vessel
  • Pressure regulating Valve skid
  • HP & LP Pump skid
  • Local Control Panel (Pump, Signal)
  • HMI with Programming

Recondenser is one of the components of the LNG regasifiction system.

LNG Vaporizer

  • Shell & Tube Type
  • Design Code : ASME (Thermal design by HTRI)
  • Cold Side (Tube) : LNG (SMO254 or Equivalent)
  • Hot Side (Shell) : Sea Water, Glycol Water
  • Freezing Prevented Design
  • Horizontal & Vertical Type

LNG vaporizer is one of the components of the LNG regasifiction system.


LBOG  from LNG Storage Tank, LNG Pump, LNG Pipe line is compressed in Gas Compressor. And it mixed with LNG in BOG recondenser.
Then it pass through the HP pump so that be compressed. This process shall deliver the signal to Re-gasification module.
So, It comparing with the process that recondensing after compress the bog, It can help in Energy Saving Effect.

Advantage of Valmax’s BOG Recondenser

  • Simplification of structure compared with existing model ; Cylinder type on single unit
  • Simplification of Number of Control loop
  • Reducing Cost of Recondenser
  • Reducing Operating Cost of BOG Handling system (Re-gasification system)
    -> flow rate of compressed gas is controlled by signal of Temperature, Pressure, Level that measured in BOG re-condenser side

Main components of Bog Recondenser

  • Recondenser Cylinder Body
  • Recondenser Internal Parts
  • Pressure control Valves Skid
  • Flow Control Valves Skid
  • Shut down Valves Skid
  • Manual valves Skid
  • Pipe Spools
  • Instruments (Mass Flow Meter, TIT, PIT, etc..)
  • Local Control Panel
  • HMI with Programming

LNG Re-liquefaction System

Reliable Performance and Optimized System

LNG Liquefaction system is a process of LNG Train, which is a process of re-liquefying the gas that has gone through BOG or Gas Treating Process.
VALMAX’s technology is innovative, highly efficient and environmentally friendly, leading us to the better world.

The required plot space is less that needed for traditional LNG plants and the execution strategy, using standard equipment and modular construction, reduces construction cost and schedules.

LNG Re-liquefaction system

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  • SMR Liquefaction System
  • BOG Refrigerant System
  • Full / Partial Re-Liquefaction System