Leak Detection System

Reliable Performance with Leak Detection System

Leak detection system (LDS) consists of Distributed Temperature Sensing unit (DTS), Multiplexer unit (MUX) as main components.

We, VALMAX are the system integrator of Leak detection system with SENSORNET [https://www.sensornet.co.uk/] DTS unit (the main unit housing the transmitter and receiver Laser) and MUX unit (the unit which is used for multiple fiber monitoring in same system).


LDS Control Panel

We, VALMAX have the capability to integrate the LDS control panel as per Client requirements.

LDS control panel includes Distributed Temperature Sensing unit (DTS), Multiplexer unit (MUX), Relay expansion unit , monitor, IP switch, Automatic transfer switch (optional), soft shutdown unit , Fiber Patch Panel and DC View Server. All these items are installed and integrated inside standard control panel.

Working Principle

DTS is based on fiber as the sensor. DTS system send light pulses in to the fiber which travels to the end of fiber and then reflects back to the DTS. The system then measures the back scattering. DTS detects the event of energy loss by measuring temperature information from backscattering.

DTS system has no moving part for the sensing, optical fiber is the sensor which is immune to shock/vibration and Electromagnetic interference.

DTS Configurations

DTS can work in both single ended and combined ended configuration.

In single ended configuration, fiber is laid to the end of monitoring area and in combined ended configuration, fiber cable laid back to DTS.  Single ended measurement are more prone to error at the end of fiber but in case of combined ended measurement, since DTS measures from both ends of fiber and average the data so noise is reduced.

Single ended configuration gives longer ranges and more fibers can be monitored, while combined ended configuration gives higher accuracy with less noise as same area is monitored twice from both end of fibers.

Product Range

DTS system has below range of products.

  • Sentinel DTS


LDS system have below performances

  • High resolution up to 0.01 deg C
  • Continuous monitoring up to 45 Km (Shorter range = better temp resolution)
  • Measurement from 10 sec (Longer measurement time = better temp. resolution)
  • Spatial resolution up to 1 m (Wider spatial resolution = better temp resolution)
Specification Sentinel
DTS System
DTS System
DTS System
DTS System
Range 12 km ~ 45 km 5 km 5 km ~ 30km 5 km ~ 12km
Fibre Type MM or SM MM MM MM
Sampling Resolution 0.5 m ~ 1 m 2 m 0.5 m ~ 1 m 1 m
Number of Channels 1 (Extended width 4-16 Channel Mux) 4 (Extended width 4-16 Channel Mux) 4 4


We, VALMAX have the capability to offer commissioning & start-up, remote diagnostics and troubleshooting services.