Small Scale LNG Satellite Station

Existing LNG terminals are suitable for metropolis and large power plants due to the construction of pipelines on the land, and there are difficulties in applying islands and small towns. To address these difficulties, small LNG satellite stations are the best solution to supply LNG to end suppliers, including homes and power plants in islands and small areas without LNG infrastructure.

Valmax’s small LNG satellite stations supply LNG at a flow rate that meets the requirements of the end user and can be charged on a supply basis with flow meter facility configuration.

LNG Satellite Station

Configuration of LNG Satellite Station

LNG Type C Storage Tank & Pump Station

LNG Bunkering Manifold

LNG Ambient Vaporizer

BOG Pre-Heater, BOG Compressor

LNG Quick Coupler with Break Away

Control System with HMI Interface

Site Operation & Commissioning

Site Construction (Option)

Jetty Foundation (Option)

LNG Satellite Station


LNG Satellite Station

Special Features


Fully automation with control and emergency system without operating personnel


Wireless Telemetry and Control System

Various Application

LNG Refueling System

Liquefier Storage & Distribution System and Re-gasification System